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buy Snake Venom online, Drugs made from snake venom are now usually taken as a worthy alternative to conventional meds. Poisonous reptiles, insects, and other spine-chilling crawlers excrete substances that are for the benefit of seriously ill patients. The thing is that snakes’ drool contains a bunch of active enzymes, proteins, and ferments that are extremely effective for human health.

No wonder that multiple clinical tests have been carried out to prove serpents’ saliva to be an anti-venom that may even stop cancer from spreading. If you are after a life-saving remedy and want to keep within your budget, Escomeds knows the way out! At our store, you are offered a diversity of affordable snake venom medicines aimed at treating many hazardous diseases and minor ailments:

  • • sleeping disorders
  • • paralyses
  • • strokes
  • • high blood pressure
  • • diabetes
  • • inflammation
  • • and others

Discover snakes’ poison products at our store

Escomeds provides you with much-needed solutions to alleviate anguished symptoms of yours. On our website, you can buy snake venom at rock-bottom prices and rest assured that you won’t suffer any longer. Take a moment to view our extensive catalog of the poisonous species:

  • • Black mamba 

This ominous serpent is an African savanna’s inhabitant. Its toxic saliva helps cure nervous system illnesses, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, thanks to neurotoxins contained.

  • • Shield-nosed snake

When this rare species spits its saliva, it causes local swelling and necrosis. Surprisingly, there is no anti-venom to its bites yet.

  • • Saw-scaled viper

It may sound like a paradox, but there are several cases when this creature’s toxic fluid has neutralized previous bush viper bites.

  • • Pit viper

Its chemical cocktail of proteins can serve as an agent for providing an antithrombotic effect. Though, be aware of compartment syndrome that the pit viper’s bite may incur.

Keep in mind that it is vital to take an antidote to prevent further envenoming right after you’ve been bitten. You may be in quest of drugs made from snake venom but get nowhere. At Escomeds, you can grab the sought-after remedy in a few clicks.

No panic with snake venom prices

Getting reptile poison from our store is simple. Here you won’t find jaw-dropping costs as Escomeds makes it possible for you to buy a must-take remedy that is light on your wallet. To place an order, you should browse for the venom you desire, decide on its quantity, and add it to the cart.

After that, apply a money-off coupon (if you have one) and provide us with your billing details. In case you’d like to add any special notes for delivery, you are free to leave them, too. Our round-the-clock support team will get you clued up if needed.

It might be difficult to buy snake venom in our days as this product is in short supply. This is especially true for rare species. However, shopping with us, you’re guaranteed to find everything you need for your future groundbreaking discoveries. Unlike other suppliers, Escomeds offers a reasonable snake venom price to support the scientific community in their activity.

buy Snake Venom online for your specific needs

Due to a huge amount of biologically active components, snake poison is used for numerous purposes, including:

  • Cancer treatment: the toxins contained in the venom are used to eliminate cancer cells and prevent those from growing further;
  • Cosmetology: some ingredients of the product can provide anti-aging effect and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines;
  • Heart disease treatment: it can prevent strokes and treat their consequences by breaking up the clots;
  • Neurological disorders: certain compounds of the venom have shown positive results to treat Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Potent painkiller: the protein in the snake poison called Ohanin was utilized to create an effective painkiller, which is 20 times stronger than morphine but has any side effects.


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